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Recreational Fire Info in 2005, by the merger of the South St. Paul and West St. Paul Fire Departments, the South Metro Fire Department is a career department that serves the cities of South St. Paul and West St. Paul in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.

We cover approximately 11 square miles and a population of roughly 40,000 residents. Our district has a large number of single family and multi-family dwellings. We have diverse commercial industries, though typically limited to light industrial, retail and restaurants. The district is not a “bedroom” community; our population rises considerably during the day. We also cover two major freeways and a portion of the Mississippi River.

The department has 38 full-time employees, including a chief, fire marshal, assistant chief, 3 captains, 6 lieutenants, 4 inspector/firefighters, 21 firefighters and one secretary. Our suppression crews work 24-hour rotating shifts.

The Fire Department is responsible for fire suppression, EMS (including BLS transport), special operations (hazmat, technical rescue and water rescue) and fire prevention (inspections, plan review, fire investigation and public education). We respond from two stations to roughly 5,000 alarms per year of which approximately 1,300 are fire related and 3,700 are medical related. Additionally, we have several members who serve on the Dakota County Special Operations Team, Minnesota Task Force 1 and the Dakota County Incident Management Team.

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