Operations Division

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http://www.southmetrofire.com/images/021_10-7-08.jpgThe Operations Division is responsible for providing emergency and non-emergency services to the community. Included in this are responses to incidents requiring medical assistance, rescue, hazardous conditions and fire suppression. The division is also responsible for developing and delivering the curriculum for entry-level Firefighters as well as in-service training for existing employees.

The Operations Division is the largest division of the department. Working out of two fire stations, three shifts, of 11 firefighters each, staff a combination of two engines, two ladders and two ambulances. Our firefighters work 24-hour rotating shifts.

The Operations Division manages these programs under the direction of the Assistant Chief:

  • Fire Suppression
  • Emergency Medical Service
  • Special Operations
  • Training
  • Communications
  • Fleet Maintenance
  • Information Technology